Injection Moulding Machinery
You can benefit from the broad range of technical options available in a partnership with us; we can fabricate ranges from 1 gram to 6,940 grams part weight plastic parts of different weights and sizes, quality levels, colours and forms. We have a modern machinery plant with a total of over 40 injection moulding machines from well-known manufacturers with locking force from 25 to 1,300 tons. This allows us to provide you with great flexibility for large and small series alike. Even a single piece is possible with us as part of an innovative development project. Multiple fully-automated production units provide cost-optimized production because: the greatest efficiency in manufacturing is our creed!

Multi-Component Plastics Injection Moulding
To simplify assembly or for special product features, we can combine with our multi-component technology various materials of different colours or surfaces in one application. We have a 650-ton and a 450-ton injection moulding machine with a rotary plate and L-arrangement for the side aggregate available for your needs.

Other Processing
We also offer additional processing (3-D milling etc), surface finishing including printing methods, toolmaking and assembly of complex assembly groups all the way to completely packaged products for end consumers (ready-to-use).

The product application can make great demands on design and dimensioning in practice, to some extent. In addition to optical suitability, the highest possible resiliency and functionality of the components must be guaranteed. At the same time, smooth interaction of the plastic parts with the other product components must be ensured. Based on our decades of know-how, we develop components for you in our design area within a short period of time which meet the highest expectations. You also benefit from our partnerships with various universities and plastic institutes. We perform extensive technical and economic feasibility studies and evaluate simulations of the component behaviour using well-known calculation methods so that, in spite of shortened development periods, there is no loss of quality.

The key to successful plastic products is construction that is suitable to the processing and the materials. Using our CAD software Pro-Engineer and Solid Works, we construct high value individual products and complex product groups for you.

Rapid Prototyping
We use stereo lithography and SLS laser internal modelling to develop a prototype for you within the shortest period of time starting with the idea, or we create manually a functioning model out of the original material for you.

Tool Making
We meet your expectations for our tool making with the highest accuracy, long lifespan for the forms and on-time processing. We employ 15 employees including apprentices who we train ourselves in order to meet our need for qualified specialists. At the moment, we manage approximately 700 active tools with different requirements and sizes. In addition to tool making and tool modifications, we regularly perform maintenance and update measures on the tools, which ensures a uniform product quality for you.

Tool Design The basis of tool design is the prepared CAD files or prototypes from which the tools are derived. Our highly qualified construction employees pay special attention to your individual needs and to the special requirements of the plastic which will be processed at the same time. Our tool construction creates the foundation for a cost-effective production and long-lasting tools.

Tooling Management
Within the framework of our business arrangement, you can transfer your complete tooling management to us and have us manage your tools over their entire product life cycle,beginning with development and design through to repair, maintenance, modifications and storage. If you already have injection moulding tools which need revision and which should afterwards be processed within toll, you have the right partner in us.

Tool Making Acquisition
Alternatively you can benefit from our various co-operations with national and international tool making by purchasing or importing a tool through us. Our partners guarantee our quality standards. In this case as well, we will assist you from the tool design phase through the sample phase all the way to series begin. Whatever your specifications you have for a tool, contact us!

Service is important for us! Our team in the construction and development department will assist you in form of our project management, from your first idea through to the series production, all within the framework of strict systematic process and quality control. As a family enterprise with a flat hierarchy we can meet your needs during all phases of the process by working closely together through very direct communication lines.

Because of our many years of experience with corporate-specific, complex projects, we are in the position to offer life-time care for your products. In addition to assembly and refining, we can assist you with other services as well such as 3-D component measuring, value stream mapping etc. Moreover, we are available for consulting projects with our specific skills and know-how.

In addition to customer-oriented project management, the professional, on-time commissioning and processing of your orders is decisive for safeguarding your own competitive advantage. The subsequent, smooth global consignment also is part of this: "Just-in-time" logistics from our company.

Commonly, project management for the fabrication of plastic components or finished products is undertaken by the injection moulding company for the contracting company.

But we go one step further, seeing ourselves as a system supplier with whom you can find all of the services – from development and construction, to toolmaking, injection moulding, subsequent processing, surface finishing, assembly of complex assemblies all the way to ready-to-use products with global consignment. In so doing, you benefit from shorter development times, transparent processes, smaller friction losses and, all in all, significantly reduced costs in spite of the best quality.

Project management is a partnership with us in which our developers discuss your ideas with you and consult you based on our many years of experience. We assist you from the first contact through the construction of prototypes all the way to the series production.

Our customers to date appreciate our high level of flexibility and our distinct intuition in the world of specific customer requirements developed over decades of practice. Our specialists monitor schedules and internal and external processes according to the most strict quality standards and coordinate them in regular contact with you, starting with your first idea all the way to the finished product. In the process, you will be confronted with as few contact persons as necessary because we have structured and focused our areas to save you time and resources.

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