From teacher to founder – the Freilauf history


The starting position | Long hair and bathroom cleaning services

Teacher and founder Manus Leyendecker describes the origin of his idea as follows:

I had long hair myself, lived with long-haired people and always had to clean the shower. I was very annoyed by the impractical drain siphons that keep clogging up. I moved several times at that time. After the third move and three different drain siphons, I knew that all drains had the same problem.

In turn, research has shown that manufacturers design shower drains primarily according to how they can be produced as cheaply as possible and how the craftsman who installs them can make their work easier.

Known situation: a lot of hair accumulates in the siphon – Figure: freilauf


The idea | Clean less live more

The hairy problem gave rise to the idea of developing a hair-free shower drain. Due to its long service life (sometimes 20 years), the inventor set himself the task of developing a shower drainage system in which the benefit for the end customer enjoys the highest priority. In addition to the user side, it also had to be ensured that the installation of the shower drain could be carried out by the craftsmen without any problems.


The solution | How does it actually work?

The stamp on the shower drain cover is held in its upright position by a magnet. The hair can flow freely around it and only very few are still caught. By stepping on the lid the stamp is released from its position and even the last lint is washed away.
But won’t the hair clog up the siphon? “No. Even with conventional drains, only a small part of the hair gets caught in the sieve or on the lid. And my best argument: “Most people throw the clump into the toilet anyway, so after a few meters it will reunite in the pipe anyway,” says Manus Leyendecker.

Figures: freilauf


The implementation | High-performance partners wanted

After all, the implementation was not so easy. After seven years of development, it was difficult to find a suitable partner who could implement the requirements for the product in terms of production technology. In addition, the implementing companies lacked confidence in the product. The inventor found an open ear with Gebrüder Schmidt. With 200 years of business activity GS proved to be an experienced and efficient partner.

The inventor Manus Leyendecker (right) with our head of department K&E Klaus-Günter Hub in the production of Gebrüder Schmidt. Photo:

A first model, which the inventor had created, served the designers of GS as basis for the production of the first CAD data. These were analysed together with Manus Leyendecker and improved in stimulating conversations and discussions. After finalising the data, GS took over the complete tool management. In addition, investments were made in further plants and measurement technology. “GS sees great potential in Mr. Leyendecker’s product. We will support Mr. Leyendecker in the implementation of his invention in the best possible way,” says Managing Director Andreas Weyand.


The finished product | Regional and overseas sales

On 11.05.2018 the sale of the hair-free shower drain began, which was taken over by the sanitary trade company Leysser as distribution partner of the inventor. Short paths and close personal contacts between GS and the inventor Manus Leyendecker guarantee quality control at the highest level. Modern production processes and a lean organisational structure make it possible that the price is only slightly higher than that of conventional systems.

Figure: freilauf


The conclusion | Everything from a single source

We are always open to inquiries – no matter how realistic or unrealistic they may seem at first glance. If they can be implemented by us, we accompany product development along the entire value chain, i.e. from the initial idea through assembly to the finished product. As a system supplier in plastic injection moulding, we provide you with innovative solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs and meet the highest quality standards.