Tool management

Tool management

As part of our business relationship, you can outsource the complete tooling management to us and have us take care of the tools throughout the entire product life cycle from the start of development and design through to repair, maintenance, adaptation and storage. If you already have an injection moulding tool that may have to be reworked and then manufactured on a contract basis, we are also the right address for you.

Tool design

The tool design is based on CAD data or prototypes from which the tools are derived. Our highly qualified construction employees take your special wishes into account and also the special requirements of the plastics to be processed. Tool design lays the foundation for cost-effective production and a long-lasting tool.

Tool procurement

With the highest precision, long service life of the moulds and on-schedule processing, we meet your expectations of our tool construction. We employ 15 employees there, including trainees, whom we train ourselves to meet our need for qualified specialists. At present about 750 active tools with different requirements and sizes from 125 to 1400 cm installation height are maintained.

Alternatively, you can benefit from our various cooperations in domestic and international toolmaking by purchasing a tool from us at home and abroad. Our partners guarantee our quality standards. In this case, too, we support you from the tool design through the sampling phase to the start of series production. Whatever requirements you have for a tool, please contact us!

Tool support (maintenance, servicing, adjustments, modifications, repairs)

In addition to tool construction and tool changes, we carry out regular maintenance and care measures on the tools and thus ensure a constant product quality for you.